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Former Air Force Intelligence Officer donates spy tours to emerging leaders in the National Security Field

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 25, 2015 – The Lint Center for National Security Studies, a non-profit organization focused on supporting the next generation of America’s National Security professionals through scholarship and mentoring opportunities, today announced its newest corporate sponsor, Carol S. Bessette, Founder of Spies of Washington Tour, a D.C. based tour organization focused on providing the most comprehensive tours of real-world spying and espionage intrigue.

Recipients of Lint Center scholarships will now have the opportunity to attend walking-tours at a leisurely pace to learn about espionage and intelligence in the nation's capital with Ms. Bessette as a personal tour guide through Spies of Washington Tour. Ms. Bessette will donate free tours that highlight the over 200-year history of Intelligence and Counterintelligence in the Washington, D.C. area.

“I’m thrilled to be able to support an organization that places such an emphasis on mentoring and supporting the future leaders of the National Security and Counterintelligence fields,” explained Ms. Bessette, Founder of Spies of Washington Tour

“The Lint Center works to foster and engage students who show a passion and drive to succeed. By educating emerging leaders about the history of espionage, spying and real-life example of counterintelligence operations in and around the nation’s capital provides a tremendous opportunity to those seeking to understand, learn and excel at professions focused on U.S. national security by allowing them to learn from the past.”

Carol.jpgMs. Bessette donated the tours to the Lint Center after speaking with Timothy W. Coleman, Chief Operations Officer of the Lint Center and a former 2008 Lint Center scholarship winner. Coleman reached out to Ms. Bessette following his own participation in multiple Spies of Washington Tour.

“I was blown away after having spent several Sunday afternoons touring Washington and learning about actual events and visiting vitally consequential places of historical importance to the history of espionage in America,” stated Timothy W. Coleman, Chief Operations Officer for the Lint Center for National Security Studies. “Touring places and learning about significant individuals that played crucial roles in the Civil War and up to near present day were eye opening opportunities. After the second tour, I told myself that Lint Center scholarship winners and mentees would really benefit from having this type of exposure.”

The tours will be added to the next scholarship winners’ packages. The Lint Center will now recognize emerging leaders in the counterintelligence fields with mentorship opportunities, a one-year subscription to Stratfor, scholarships, and the opportunity to learn about the history of espionage and the impact spying has had on America’s national security.

About Spies of Washington Tour:

Spies of Washington tours led by Carol S. Bessette, Certified Master Tour Guide, takes viewers on a walking tour of over 200 years of intelligence and counterintelligence history in the Washington area. The tours showcase what motivates an individual to betray their country and explores the “Wilderness of Mirrors” of international espionage. For more information, please visit www.spiesofwashingtontour.com.

About the Lint Center for National Security Studies

The Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc., founded in 2007, is a non-profit IRS 501 (c) (3) organization awards award merit-based scholarships and mentoring programs for students pursuing careers in national service with a particular focus on counterintelligence, military intelligence, national security and cross-cultural studies. The Center, an IRS approved charity, is Veteran and minority operated and managed. It awards scholarships semi-annually in both January and July. For more information, please visit http://www.lintcenter.org/.


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Southern Methodist University (SMU), a private research university located in Dallas, recently announced that it will be offering an accelerated and intensive program of study focusing on Intelligence. 

The new program is geared toward public safety and security professionals that wish to expand, hone, and add subject matter expertise in intelligence studies to their own skill sets. The program also focuses on individuals who wish to explore potential careers in the intelligence field and to those who have no previous intelligence experience.

As the university’s webpage explains, “The SMU Intelligence Certificate Program is designed to give you a broad perspective of strategic intelligence and all phases of the intelligence cycle, from requirements to reporting, with an emphasis on supporting leadership decision making.”

Adding, “Build an understanding of the process of intelligence analysis, the role of the analyst, and analysis tools for preparation of assessments based on the collection, correlation, and analysis of intelligence data.”

SMU asserts that the intensive and weeklong program is highly personalized. Class sizes will be small to afford participants the one-on-one instruction necessary to acquire as well as absorb the material. Additionally, the professors and instructors leading the program are renowned practitioners and experts within their focused field of study.

The program is not for the faint of heart, however, as individuals are advised of its serious nature with a preemptive security caveat for would-be applicants that reads, “Please be advised that, due to the sensitive nature of the material covered in this course, a background check will be conducted before you can gain entrance into the course. You may be contacted if additional information is required to complete the background check.”

Please be advised, indeed!

Sounds like an exciting and intriguing learning opportunity.

For folks interested in attending, the next weeklong certificate program runs from March 2-6, 2015. For more information, please check out the specific program details HERE.

If you attend, the Lint Center would love to hear about your experience. 

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Former CIA Analyst Joins Lint Center Mentoring Team

The Lint Center for National Security Studies is delighted to welcome a tremendous edition to the Center’s already 200-plus strong mentoring team, Ms. Lisa Ruth.

Ruth spent 15 years at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), where she worked as both an Intelligence Analyst and as a Special Projects Officer.

While at CIA, Ruth was a subject matter expert on Latin America. Her specific area of expertise included counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, tracing and identifying money laundering and illicit arms transfers.

During her career, Ruth conducted overseas tours for the CIA where she provided on-the-ground assistance for counter-insurgency and counter-narcotics operations as well as other high profile intelligence targets. Additionally, Ruth served at the White House Operations Centers, where she provided 24-hour, around the clock, intelligence support to the nations most senior policymakers.

Ruth is a renowned international risk consultant. Currently, she is President of CTC International Group, which is staffed primarily by former CIA officers and provides discreet, timely and accurate information to business executives. CTC is widely regarded as a leading private intelligence organization designed and poised to meet the evolving needs of corporate America.

She is also the Editor in Chief of Communities Digital News, a major online news publication that features independent journalists from around the world. She writes extensively on intelligence, world affairs, and breaking news. She also provides investigative reporting and news analysis.

Additionally, Ruth frequently appears on Newsmax TV, providing analysis, insight and expert commentary on international developments and she is contributor to Newsmax, The Washington Times and other notable publications.

Ruth has a Bachelor of Arts, International Relations, from George Mason University, an Masters in International Relations from the University of Virginia. She is a licensed private investigator in Florida, New Jersey, and Maryland; a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers; and a member of MENSA.

On behalf of the Lint Center for National Security Studies team, we wish to thank Lisa for volunteering her time, energy, and effort to mentoring emerging leaders who wish to follow in the footsteps of national service.

You can follow her on Twitter @lmruth.

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We are pleased to highlight one of our outstanding volunteers Brittany Walter. 

Last month, after her blog post on the implications of Ebola on US national security was posted in this forum, Ms. Walter's piece was picked up and reprinted in International Policy Digest as a standalone article.

Congrats Brittany on a job well done!

Please check out her article in International Policy Digest HERE

You may also view her original LC post HERE.

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T - Tue Nov 11, 2014 @ 01:00AM
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In quiet tributes, at small family gatherings, in meeting halls, and at grand patriotic parades, Americans come together to honor and celebrate the men and women of the armed forces and those who have nobly fought to keep our country free on Veterans Day.

On this annual occasion, we celebrate the enduring bonds and gallant nature of the millions of men and women who have served and continue to serve in the United States Armed Forces. 

We honor them all – veterans past and present. 

We pause and give thanks to them all. 

While all American Veterans are united by their common duty, all Americans remain humbled and grateful to our veterans for their uncommon courage and commitment to national service.

The Lint Center wishes to thank each and every veteran – those serving and those who have served – we proudly salute you!

Tomb Sentinels from the Old Guard begins the Changing of the Guard ceremony in front of the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. (U.S. Army photo by Kerry Solan)

My life was late nights and early mornings, physical exhaustion and boredom, my life was hurry up and wait. My days were broiling heat, my nights freezing cold. I lived in pouring rain, freezing snow and stifling humidity. Dust, sand and mud were my bed, my pillow a rucksack, butt pack or helmet. My feet toughened by thousands of miles of roads, paths, trails and fields trod. My back made strong and wide by days upon weeks upon years of carrying my rucksack just one more click. My youth spent learning my craft, sharpening my will and hardening my body for whatever was asked of me. Taught by men who had been taught by men who had hit the beach, held that hill or leapt from that airplane. My teacher's lessons collected by experiences written in blood, sweat and tears. My classroom was the forest, the jungle, the desert and the mountain. My certificate a colorful ribbon, a shiny badge and those stripes. My traditions are ageless, my heritage stretches back centuries, I descended from giants and am proud to be counted as one of them. My youth was spent in service to my country, my youth was spent with my brothers and sisters I served with, my youth was not misspent.” - Unknown US Army Ranger 

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The Lint Center for National Security Studies inspired by the honorees at the 2014 Points of Light Tribute Awards Ceremony

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 10, 2014 – Volunteers from the Lint Center for National Security Studies, a non-profit dedicated to the advancement of the next generation of National Security workers, took part and were recognized at the 2014 Points of Light Tribute Award Ceremony at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. on October 22.

Lt. General Brent Scowcroft (USAF ret.), who served as the National Security Advisor to both Presidents Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush, the only individual in U.S. history appointed to the position under two different Presidents; NBA Legend, Dikembe Mutombo; Fox News Channel Greta Van Susteren, host of the prime-time news and interview program, "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren," former New York Governor George Pataki and more than 250 other celebrities, dignitaries, and individuals from the corporate, nonprofit, government, service and entertainment industry attended the event to honor several individuals and organizations whose service and contributions to volunteering have had a positive local and global impact.

In attendance and on behalf of the Lint Center as well as all the hard working volunteers that help translate perspiration into success was the Center’s Chief Operating Officer, Timothy W. Coleman. “It was a tremendous opportunity to represent the Lint Center and to be recognized for all the incredible efforts of our volunteer team. To share in such an occasion and to be among individuals and organizations that have finite resources and use them to create change in varied and profound ways is always impactful. As an entirely volunteer based organization, we at the Lint Center, are moved everyday by individuals who donate their time and resources to causes they believe in and it’s regenerative to see individuals and organizations being recognized for their desire to do great things.”

This year, four individuals and organizations were recognized as Tribute Awardees by Points of Light Foundation:

  • Retired professional basketball player Yao Ming was recognized for The Yao Ming Foundation that seeks to improve the lives of children in China and the U.S., with an emphasis on providing educational opportunities.
  • Hewett-Packard who in 2013 logged more than 1.6 million volunteer hours and gave more than $13.3 million to nonprofits and schools.
  • Environmentalist Charles Orgbon III who started a club at age 12 to keep his school clean, then turned it into Greening Forward, a nonprofit dedicated to creating a diverse global environmental movement powered by young people.
  • World Central Kitchen, a humanitarian organization founded by international chef José Andrés that feeds and empowers vulnerable people in humanitarian crises around the world.

Earlier this year, on the 13th anniversary of the September 11th tragedy, The Lint Center was recognized by Points of Light with a Daily Points of Light Award for its aid in the advancement of the educational pursuits of the next generation of national security workers through its mentorship and scholarship programs.

“We created the Lint Center to fill a niche void, one that teamed emerging and talented national security rookies with veterans in the national security community,” said Kay Lee Nicholas, Director and Scholarship Committee Member for the Lint Center. “ The old saying that ‘rookies make rookie mistakes’ is a truism, however, the number and severity does not have to be of that cardinal reality. Lint Center scholarships and our mentoring program strive to elucidate that end.”

To date the Lint Center has awarded 32 merit-based scholarships ranging from $500-$1500. With financial support from corporate sponsorships, The lint Center awards scholarships twice a year in January and July.


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T - Mon Nov 10, 2014 @ 12:26PM
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The Lint Center is pleased to congratulate the US Marine Corps on its 239th birthday!

The Center’s own founder, James R. Lint, joined the Marines on November 13, 1975. He recently noted, that he was “coming up on 39 years since vacationing in San Diego MCRD.”

To learn more about the US Marines, please check out the United States Marines Corps History Division HERE

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T - Sat Nov 01, 2014 @ 05:14PM
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The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa has caused tremendous fear across the globe. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) there have now been 10,141 confirmed cases that have resulted in 4,922 deaths worldwide as of October 24, 2014. 

The majority of the cases are confined to Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone but travel-associated cases have been transmitted to Mali, Senegal, Nigeria, Spain, and the United States. Although there has not been a large outbreak in the United States our federal government has approached the possibility with great stress that any potential transmission of the disease is a matter of national security.

The first case in the United States was diagnosed on September 30, 2014 in Dallas, Texas on a patient that had recently traveled to Liberia. Eric Duncan, now known as ‘index patient’, passed away on October 8, 2014 as the first patient to have contracted the disease overseas but to pass away in the United States. The head of the CDC, Thomas Friedan, has been urging hospitals nation wide to test for Ebola when patients come in displaying symptoms of the disease and a wary travel history (Gambino, 2014).

The facts of the Ebola disease are critical to be mindful of due to the importance of raising awareness of risk factors in order to prevent transmission of infected persons to others. According to the World Health Organization, the EVD first appeared in Africa almost 40 years ago and maintains a fatality rate of around 50%. The high fatality rate is only one scary statistic for a disease that has the power to be easily transmitted. Symptoms of the Ebola virus consist of fever, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, and rashes among others. In order to be properly diagnosed there has to be confirmation via laboratory testing that can take up to 48 hours and is considered a very high biohazard risk for all those involved in the process.

White House Efforts

There has not been an overwhelmingly effort from countries worldwide to help aide countries that have been affected. The Red Cross has over 5,000 volunteers trained to combat the EVD but there has to be more involvement on the global level in order to help contain the most deadly outbreak of EVD in history.

President Obama commented to CNN reporter, Betsy Klein that, “If we don’t make the effort now, and this spreads not just through Africa but other parts of the world, there’s the prospect that the virus mutates. And then it could be a serious danger to the United States.”

President Obama has stated from the beginning of the outbreak that he considers this a top national security priority and that this is not a matter of charity but a humanitarian effort to protect the safety of the United States. Earlier this month, efforts to address the EVD outbreak were to use an all-hands-on-deck approach including efforts from public health, the White House, the Department of Defense, and America’s prestigious science teams in controlling the outbreak. Recently, states have been implementing their own 21-day quarantine efforts including Florida, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, Virginia, and even Maryland to help monitor the state and federal health department efforts (the State of Maine having a recent and countervailing lower court ruling).

Military Efforts

The spread of a deadly disease is most certainly a concern for national security and a feasible option to combat EVD is to involve U.S. military resources. There is now a 30-person team who has been specifically trained as an Ebola response team to protect health care workers being quarantined. The Ebola response team can be ready for deployment in 72 hours’ notice and must be approved by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel before acting on any orders.

The team has been trained in infection control, protective equipment, and detection. The team has received training at the Education, Training and Simulation Department of the San Antonio Military Medical Center. Command surgeon Air Force Col. John J. DeGoes and Army Gen. Charles H. Jacoby Jr. have conducted the training and creation of this specialized team not only to fight Ebola but will also be used a precedent for future medical response teams on behalf of the DOD, Health and Human Services, Dept. of Homeland Security and other military branches. The military is currently deploying 4,000 personnel to West Africa to assist with the outbreak but the response team will only be used domestically if requested by the Centers for Disease Control but only with orders from the DoD.

Possibility of Bio-Terrorism

The level of potential terror risk posed by Ebola as a biological weapon has brought concern to the Department of Defense. The outbreak in West Africa has been occurring in a conflict driven zone occupied by terrorist organizations such as Boko Haram. The U.S. invested $140 million back in 2010 in a company called Tekmira to develop cures for the virus and continues to still get funding from the DoD to this day (Noack, 2014).

EVD is not believed at this time to be used as a bio-terror agent but possibilities are endless with today’s terrorist organizations. The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases focuses on “protecting the Warfighter from emerging, genetically being altered, and unknown biological threats” as its mission in battling bio-terrorism. The DoD invests in research to protect against both intentional use and natural exposure of diseases that can impact not only Americans but also humans worldwide. There are to many intricate and scientific details that would be required to handle EVD in order to turn into a bio-terror weapon but the funding for research now may help eliminate the possibility in the future.

What’s in Store for the Future?

The Pentagon has also emphasized the relevance of EVD being a national security matter and being prepared domestically to control the disease is critical before being able to provide aide globally. President Obama has admitted that the United States must play a major role in combating Ebola in other infected countries but this is a global problem, which requires intervention from other national governments other than the United States. The high crisis magnitude of the outbreak needs U.S. intervention but the United Nations needs to require more involvement from others in the aide process. As the American public continues to remain in a state of palpable apprehension over the EVD there has to be consideration of the turmoil that is occurring in West Africa as well. President Obama’s emphasis on providing aide to regions that have massive EVD outbreak only helps to prevent future national security threats that could potentially occur in America if the disease is not contained overseas. 

About the Author:

Brittany Walter is a Marketing Coordinator at the Lint Center for National Security Studies. She is also currently a graduate student enrolled in the Global Affairs and Human Security Program at the University of Baltimore. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at Washington College with a minor in Justice, Law, and Society. After graduating in the spring of 2015 she plans on enlisting in the United States Navy as a Cryptologic Technician Interpreter. She hopes to find a career in the intelligence and national security community in her future utilizing her education and time volunteering working for the Lint Center for National Security Studies.


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Photo Credit:

1) Courtesy of the US Department of Defense: Navy Cmdr. (Dr.) James Lawler, center, an infectious disease physician, talks to team members during a training event at the San Antonio Military Medical Center on Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, Texas, Oct. 25, 2014. The group is part of a 30-member DoD team that could be called on to respond to new cases of Ebola in the United States. DoD photo by Army Sgt. 1st Class Tyrone C. Marshall Jr. Source: http://www.defense.gov/DODCMSShare/NewsStoryPhoto/2014-10/scr_20141025-A-SR101-3772.JPG

2) Courtesy of the US Department of Defense: USG Response to Ebola Outbreak, Source: http://www.defense.gov/home/features/2014/1014_ebola/

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog post are those of the individual author(s) and do not necessarily reflect official policy or the position of the Department of Defense or any other department or agency within the US Government. The opinions expressed by Lint Center Bloggers and those providing comments are theirs alone. The Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by Lint Center Bloggers. 

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Volunteer Team Recognized by Pres. Bush’s Foundation, Points of Light Award

We are extremely proud and humbled to announce that the Lint Center for National Security Studies has earned a Daily Points of Light Award on behalf of President George H. W. Bush’s the Points of Light Foundation. Receiving this award and recognition on such a momentous day in our nation's history is a true honor.

To see the official Points of Light blog post, please go here:

9/11 Made Counterterrorism ‘a More Pressing Priority’ for the Nation and for These Volunteers

And our profile page here:


Our first corporate sponsor, Stratfor, was proud to hear the news that the Lint Center earned the Points of Light Award on 9/11.

“Stratfor welcomes the opportunity to support aspiring national security and intelligence community workers,” said Fred Burton, Vice President of Intelligence at Stratfor.

“On this 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on our country, we are solemnly reminded of the serious challenges facing policy and decision makers as they strive to navigate the complexities of global geopolitical issues,” says Burton. “Stratfor proudly supports the Lint Center for National Security Studies in its ongoing quest to identify and mold the next generation of counterintelligence and national security leaders, and we congratulate the entire Lint Center team for this important and well-deserved honor from the Points of Light organization.”

Since 2007, the Lint Center has enabled students to further their studies in the intelligence and national security fields through its biannual scholarship program. Thanks to the tireless efforts of its volunteers and the generous support of its corporate sponsors and donors, including Stratfor, the Lint Center has awarded 32 scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,500 per student.

In addition to awarding merit-based scholarships, the Lint Center also facilitates a mentorship program connecting future leaders with current and former industry professionals.

“We created the Lint Center to fill a niche void, one that teamed emerging and talented national security rookies with veterans in the national security community,” says Kay Lee Nicholas, Director and Scholarship Committee Member.

“The old saying that ‘rookies make rookie mistakes’ is a truism, however, the number and severity does not have to be of that cardinal reality. Lint Center scholarships and our mentoring program strive to elucidate that end.”

As an all-volunteer organization with no paid employees, we depend on reliable individuals with a variety of skills to conduct both short and long-term projects.

“Our Volunteer Program allows individuals to work on projects from their current location, which provides us great flexibility,” says Bridget Struthers, Operations Coordinator.

“In turn, LC has developed a worldwide presence while offering volunteers the opportunity to develop skill sets, build resumes, and expand their network. We currently have open positions in volunteer coordination, marketing, public relations, web design, video production, blog writing, fundraising, and mentor care. We encourage volunteers to explore areas of interest, propose new ideas, and even create their own positions.”

Our web/graphic design team is currently working on a project to re-design and update the Lint Center’s website.We have several volunteers working on the project, led by K. McDonald.

"I volunteer because I am proud to support an organization that provides a needed service to the intelligence community. At Lint Center, I have a great deal of flexibility in what I do. My interest is technology, and I have been able to apply web and graphic design skills I learned in school to Lint Center projects. It's rewarding to directly see my education making a difference in the world,” says McDonald.

Our marketing and public relations teams have made incredible progress over the past year, and we attribute much of our success, especially this award, to their hard work.

Elizabeth Molina, our Public Relations Coordinator says she volunteers because, “There is nothing more rewarding than being given the opportunity to give back and promote education in a niche field while further developing professionally. As a young professional, The Lint Center has allowed me to use the skills that I’ve learned through my experiences and background in communications to help someone else advance their career. It’s an incredible feeling to be a part of an organization that is comprised entirely of volunteers who donate their skills and time to aid in the pursuit of an education in a field that is rapidly changing.”

Our first scholarship winner and Member of the Board of Directors, Timothy W. Coleman, encourages volunteers to participate and take the initiative.

“As a certifying organization, we offer our outstanding volunteers the ability to work towards achieving a Presidential Volunteer Service Award issued by the Points of Light Institute and the Corporation for National and Community Service on behalf of the President of the United States,” says Coleman. “It’s a strong resume bullet and an impressive talking point, especially in a job interview. As such, we strongly encourage our team to participate.”

Many ask about the challenges associated with being a web-based organization and what brings LC volunteers together. “With many industry professionals nearing retirement, we recognize the need to develop scholars and leaders who have the ability to think outside the box, exercise sound judgment, and steer our nation in the right direction,” says Struthers. “We have organized an extraordinary team of individuals who share a passion for national security and a desire to protect our nation. At the Lint Center, we know that every volunteer is critical to our success. Our people are our greatest asset.”

Jim Lint, Chairman and CEO of the Lint Center, would like to thank the volunteers who work behind the scenes each day and set the example of service before self.As our leadership reminds us, “We win as a team and we earn this as a team.”

Thank you LC Volunteer Team!

To join our team, please visit the Lint Center website and apply today.

About Stratfor:

Stratfor is the world’s leading private intelligence company providing individuals and corporations with breaking intelligence, in-depth analysis, assessments and forecasts on global political, economic, security, and public policy issues. Through its unrivalled blend of strategic and tactical expertise, Stratfor helps clients protect their assets, diminish risk and increase opportunities to compete in the global market. Stratfor’s services include free intelligence reports, subscription-based access and confidential consulting. For more information, please visit www.stratfor.com.

About the Lint Center:

The Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc., founded in 2007, is a non-profit IRS 501 (c) (3) organization created to award merit-based scholarships biannually for Counterintelligence and National Security Workers, their children and scholars, and to advance the study of National Security, cross-cultural studies, and global understanding. The Center, an IRS approved charity, is veteran and minority operated and managed. For more information, please visit www.LintCenter.org.

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T - Sun May 18, 2014 @ 01:48PM
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We are pleased to unveil a new Web-based video aimed at increasing the awareness of our semi-annual merit-based scholarship programs.

As an all-volunteer force (no-paid staff), the Lint Center is pleased to release the following video in effort to promote awareness and interest in the Center’s scholarship opportunities.

This video was created by one of the Center’s volunteers, Mr. Nathan Rhodes and a proper thank you is certainly in due order.

Please be sure to check out the video and let us know your thoughts.To learn more about the Lint Center for National Security studies and the great work it does, please visit: http://www.lintcenter.org/

Like the Center on Facebook, follow the @LintCenter on Twitter, and join the LinkedIn Group to get involved! Help us spread the word!

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